Your child is struggling and it is breaking your heart. For the past few months, you have been trying to help them on your own.

You have taught them to take deep breaths, wiped their tears and reassured them time and time again. Your other kids are complaining because you are giving all your attention to this one child.

Mornings are rough, dealing with homework is exhausting and getting them to bed is always a fight. You have done the sticker charts and taken things away. But with all the other things you have going on, it is so hard to be consistent.

Their grades are dropping, they are always in their room, and not spending much time with their friends. Whenever you try to talk to them they shut down. Sometimes you nag too much, yell and say the wrong thing.

You are drained and frustrated and don’t see it getting any better.

All you want is for your child to be happy, confident, and do well in school. You wish your kid could see themselves the way you see them. You miss your child’s smile and want to hear them laugh again. You want to drop them off at school without worrying about how their day is going to go. You want peace and harmony back in your home.

You have decided to find either a child psychologist or a child therapist, ideally a mental health professional that specializes in children who can help your child and your family.

Please know that asking for help makes you a good parent.

I am Andrea Vargas and I can help you!   I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, specializing in child and adolescent counseling. My practice is located in Weston, Florida where  I serve children of all ages, teens, and their families in Broward County. 

For over 10 years, I have helped hundreds of children learn healthier coping strategies to deal with their behavior, anxiety, depression, and challenges in their lives.

I have given parents the insight, feedback, and tools they needed to better support, communicate, and reconnect with their child.

My playful, down to earth and humorous style allows me to connect easily and quickly with your child or teen.

I am the only Child Therapist in West Broward certified as a Play Therapist. Play Therapy is known for being the most effective method of treatment for children between the ages of 3 and 12 years old.

My office offers children a safe therapeutic space to express and process their thoughts and feelings. Through therapeutic play your child will develop healthier ways of thinking, behaving and coping. Families also learn to express their emotions, problem-solve, and communicate better using playful interventions.

Contact me today for a Free 15 minute Phone Consultation.

Tell me more about you and your child, and feel free to ask me any questions you might have!

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